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Player's Age: 28

Character/Series: Monako Lise Edward | Ardent Sin Side Story

Character Type: Secondary

Tamer Class: Soul

Character appearance:


Character age: 12 [December 1st, 1928]

Digimon partner(s)/Spirit/Evolution Line: Koemon > Petermon > Nohemon > Zamielmon

Character history:

Monako Lise Edwards, named after the famous Mona Lisa painting, was born December 1st, 1928 in Paris, France at a time when the world was rife with political troubles. The Germans had won the Great War, causing turmoil and strife across the globe. At the time of Monako’s birth, her father Mitchell had been working with the French rebels, the Secours, who were in turn working with the powerful Atlantian nation in an effort to find a way to bring down the German Empire. With the fighting escalating in Paris, Mitch tried to find a way out of the rebel organization but was met with difficulty in doing so, putting his growing family at risk. Monako grew up safe with her mother Reiko, father, and uncles Allen and Raito but under the constant threat of the fighting coming to their doorstep. Thankfully Monako was too young to remember most of it, and by the time her younger brother Alecsander Ryuunosuke was born six years later they were finally able to leave for Cairo, Egypt, though Allen and Raito stayed behind.

For a time Mona was without her father as, after Allen finally joined them in Cairo, Mitch returned to France to continue with the rebel efforts. It was a difficult time for them, especially with Rei having to raise two children without their father in a land they weren’t entirely familiar with, all the while unsure if he would ever return, but having their uncle around did help keep the family together. It took a ceasefire and peace treaties being signed, along with his and Allen’s grandmother passing away in London for Mitch to finally come back to them in 1936. They were able to return to London, moving in to their family estate in Knightsbridge. Mitch took to writing while working at a library while Mona’s mother finally realized her dream of owning her own mechanic’s shop, offering apprenticeships to young women interested in trades outside of what was normally offered for female workers at the time.

Mona was also able to switch from the tutors they had for her in Cairo to starting her first years of primary school, attending the renowned Hampshire School in Knightsbridge where she learned dancing and how to play flute along with her other primary studies. Like the rest of her family, she took an interest in languages, though she struggled at gaining any sort of proficiency in anything more than Hawaiian and Japanese at first. She made friends easily at the all-girls school, and spent most of her time with her best friends Ju and Chou, who were both children of fairly well off Chinese and Japanese families respectively. Though none of them were truly ‘harassed’ for being Asian, there was always a sense that they didn’t fully belong like the other European girls in the school, and their friendship was born of a desire to stick together because of it.

Her parents always encouraged her and Alec to get along, but as he got older and he started showing signs that he would quickly surpass Monako in intelligence and other skills, a bit of jealousy started to grow and resulted in them bickering more and more. Thankfully he never tried to be a tag along with her and her friends, but before Mona was even a teenager she could already feel a distance growing between them. She did little to help it, though, caught somewhere between loving her brother and hating him for being so good at so many things.

Shortly after their return to London Raito finally came to live with them. Gifted in magic thanks to the Onmyoji history in his and Rei’s family, he started to recognize that both of the Edwards children were showing signs of having magic as well. He took Monako under his wing once her powers began manifesting. She showed basic understanding of very European-type magics, namely things dealing with light and movement. On top of that, as she got older she also exhibited signs of being able to transform herself in to animal forms at will. Unfortunately her first experience with it was less than desirable as she, on a dare from Alec, turned herself in to a cat and was unable to turn back without Raito’s help. It took several months of convincing after to get her to attempt it again, and by the time she was twelve she was capable of turning in to both a rabbit and a cat form temporarily without any difficulty and was working on learning other forms.

In 1940, their home was attacked by a team of ex-German military that attempted to exact revenge against Mitch for giving information to the Secours. The Generalmajor that was leading them, a man named Wasser, ordered his men to start with the children and broke in to the nursery before the rest of their family could get there to help. He grabbed Alec and held him at gunpoint while another soldier got a hold of Mona, frightening her so bad she couldn’t even use her magic against them. Alec tried to fight back and was met with a pistol to the face, and Wasser threatened Mona with fire magic. Raito and the rest of their family finally arrived on the scene and started dispatching the men. The last thing Mona remembered was the gun near Alec going off before she fainted.

Character personality:

True to being the child of the Edwards family, Monako is a bright, intelligent young girl with just as much energy as her younger brother. Just like Alec, she has a good attention span, able to focus on things like her studies, reading, and dancing better than most children her age. Unlike Alec, though, she has no interest in exploring, and often finds her brothers more hyperactive and troublesome antics annoying. She would much rather stay inside and do the things that interest her than play with other kids. Because of this she actually comes off to many as either very shy, or very standoffish. She’s not clingy, not overly affectionate, and for her age she’s very independent. She rarely needs to be told to do things like her chores or homework as she’ll do them on her own without prompting, and it’s not uncommon to find her curled up on her bed with a book, school work already finished.

She does have her mother’s temper and attitude. Where Alec gets bothered over little things, Mona tends not to, though on the flip side of that she does get angry much easier than he does and will often be the more obstinate of the siblings. She picks on her brother, her teasing sometimes being a bit on the harsher side of things, though a lot of this is due to jealousy because she views Alec as being “better” than her in many things. Since her magic didn’t start manifesting itself until she was older than his current age, and he’s proven to be smarter and more clever than her, she constantly fears she’ll be left behind by him some day and the only way she knows how to deal with that is by dragging him down. Luckily this is a trait that will ebb as she gets older, because she does truly love her brother even with all the flack she gives him, but for for the moment it does create quite a bit of tension between the two of them.

With other kids, she’s a little better, but she also shares the competitive nature Reiko and Raito had when they were younger, often leading her in to arguments with kids her own age. She doesn’t make friends nearly as easily as her brother does, but she’s not incapable of it. Unfortunately the attack on their family has left a very nasty impression on the young girl, and where Alec is afraid of fire arms, Mona has developed a fear of fire and flames, and with that also came a distrust of older people she doesn’t know. Adult men in particular.

Digimon partner personality:

Mona’s Koemon, who will later be unfortunately named Panko despite being male (though he’s usually just called Pan by Mona) is a fairly spunky, chipper digimon who, like his tamer and her brother is relatively on the young side compared to a lot of others of his type. Mentally he’s around ten or eleven, perhaps a little bit older but not by much. He seems to hold on to constant optimism and a sense of childlike wonder but because of this he can be a tad scatterbrained, to the point where he might not even realize something is amiss until someone blatantly points it out to him.

He likes adventure and has a lot of trouble staying put when people want him to stay out of trouble, but he’s not entirely incapable of listening. He latches on to people who are still children but older than him, and very quickly takes to Mona like an older sister that he actually respects. He works well with other children, but tends to be distrustful of adults, leading to a lot of people believing he isn’t capable of having a Tamer, especially a young one. The one thing that actually helps him in this regard is the simple fact that he’s damn near fearless. Nothing scares him, not even death, and he’s willing to jump in to dangerous situations to save those he cares about even if it means he might wind up tama’d in the end.

The less than desirable traits aside, he’s actually a fairly nice digimon, if a little mischievous and impish. He will get along with his tamer well, and hopefully won’t make too much trouble for her and those around her.

Character abilities:

Monako, like her brother, is gifted with magical abilities that are still developing at her young age. Unlike Alec, though, her power is closer in relation to traditional European magics.

Monako has the ability to transform herself in to animals. These are mostly temporary transformations, though occasionally she will get trapped in the form and unable to revert for some time. This normally happens when she’s testing a new form and hasn’t completely mastered it.

Current Forms:
Rabbit (brown)
Domestic Feline (Brown, black and tan tabby cat)


Mona can temporarily bind people in their current position, making it so that they can’t move their arms or legs for a period of about ten seconds to a minute, depending on how strong the spell winds up being. It takes a lot of focus on her part, meaning that most of the time her binding only works in short bursts.


Like bind, Mona can also make temporary shields of protection. They don’t last long, and at her current age she can only put them around herself and no one else.

Limited light manipulation

Mona also has a limited amount of light manipulation. Due to her age this is very underdeveloped and only appeared about a year ago. Because of this at the moment all she can do with this particular power is absorb light around her and generate the equivalent of a low level flash bomb to blind people.

She was also being trained in ballet back home, though still just a novice, and is also fairly well versed in Japanese and Hawaiian for her age. She also knows how to play flute fairly well. Aside from these skills Mona has little in the way of defense, and is a young girl of average intelligence with no other notable skills.

Sample RP:

Monako @ Test Run comm

Sample D-Comm Network Post:


[Some one’s D-comm turns on to the sight of a somewhat crowded but cozy looking living room. There are bookshelves built in to the walls behind the plush couches that are crammed full with volume upon volume of books, and in the center of the living room there’s a music stand with a sizable stack of music on it.

The chair in front of it is empty, but somewhere near by there’s a very... annoying sound.

It sounds like someone is killing a musical instrument of some sort.]



[A little boy runs by holding a flute in his hand - the source of the horrible sounds. There’s a Koemon behind him.]

I told you she was gunna be mad, Panko!

[And the owner of the first voice (and the flute) appears, fists clenched at her sides.]

Give me back my flute. I told you not to mess with it anymore! You’re gonna break it!

But he got his germs all over it! D’ya really still want it back, sis?

Stay out of this, Pan! Give it back!

PanKO! His name is Panko! And I’m not gonna break your stupid flute!

I don’t care, Alec! Give it back! NOW!

[Alec sticks his tongue out, then puts the flute to his lips in an awkward hold and blows on it hard, causing a shrill, piercing noise. Mona covers her ears and drops down. Alec and Pan take that as a sign to run like hell.]


Gotta catch us big sis!

[Mona runs off after them, and after a lot of banging, crashing, calling out names and threats and a few times around wherever the comm is hiding later, Mona finally tackles her brother down in front of it, making everything rattle for a second. She holds her hand up with the flute in triumph and stands up, a bit rumpled but otherwise grinning. Alec gets up and Pan returns to the living room. Alec rolls his eyes, not impressed by what Mona was able to do.]

Ooooh. You got it back. Whatever. Not gonna be able to do anything ‘bout it.

[Mona just keeps grinning at her brother, the curve of her lips turning almost wicked.]

... sis looks scary, Alec...

[She points at the D-Comm nestled somewhere that had obviously been hidden, showing that it had been recording all the while. Alec turns towards it, eyes going wide.]

Don’t show papa!

I’m gonna!

I didn’t do anything this time!

[Alec tries to make a grab for the comm, but Mona gets to it first, and the argument can be heard starting up again as the video feed turns off.]

(Alec used with permission from [personal profile] mellonemrys)


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